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Founded in 2010 as a local East London service, in 2018 we extended our services across London, as partners in the London Victims and Witnesses Service (LVWS) led by Victim Support, and in Ascent Plus led by Solace. We are also part of the CATCH partnership, a London-wide alliance of the key organisations working on hate crime.

COVID-19: Our priority during the Coronavirus outbreak is to keep our clients and staff safe. The Stay Safe East team is now working from home. Please click here for more information about how we are continuing to run our service during this time, and helpful resources.
Black Lives Matter: As an organisation committed to challenging hate and discrimination, Stay Safe East stands in solidarity with George Floyd, his friends and family in Minneapolis, but also the many other Black men and women who have died at the hands of police officers. Read our full statement here.

Announcement: We have a new CEO! A leader and trainer, previous Senior VAWG Operations Manager for Victim Support and now CEO of Stay Safe East, Ioana dedicated the last 8 years to supporting and advocating on behalf of victims of abuse. Passionate about her work, she graduated from the Law University and has a masters degree in Management of Social Services. She has worked for Refuge, Advance and Victim Support and is now ready to take the lead at Stay Safe East. Welcome, Ioana!

Click here for Disability News Service website, ran by John Pring, a disabled journalist. This is a great way of keeping up with issues affecting the lives of disabled people, including independent living, benefits, poverty, activism and campaigning among many other things.
Stay Safe East works to tackle violence and abuse against disabled and Deaf people, including:

Domestic violence by partners, family members, or by paid or unpaid carers
Disability and other hate crime
Bullying, anti-social behaviour and harassment
Sexual violence
Financial abuse
Human rights abuses in residential care or supported housing

Mobile / SMS Text: 07865340122
Email: If you wish to send a referral or self-refer to Stay Safe East via email, please contact: referrals@staysafe-east.org.uk . Alternatively, for any other enquiry please contact: enquiries@staysafe-east.org.uk
Twitter: @StaySafeEast
Facebook: Stay Safe East
Open 10.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m, Monday through Thursday.
If you are in danger, always ring the police on 999
If you are Deaf or without speech, you can contact 999 by SMS text. To register, text ‘Register’ to 999. When you get a reply, follow the instructions.

Our aims:
To support Deaf and disabled people who experience or have experienced violence and abuse, hate crime, domestic or sexual violence, carer abuse and others forms of human rights abuses
To ensure that disabled and deaf people get the justice they deserve
To provide an independent, accessible, third party reporting site for hate crime and domestic violence

To inform disabled and Deaf people of their rights to be safe, and to encourage them to report incidents and crimes

To build the capacity of our partner organisations (police, voluntary sector, housing, local authority, Crown prosecution service) to provide an inclusive, appropriate service and to deliver justice to disabled and deaf people
To bring about change in national and other policies on supporting victims of crime
To act as a model for good practice
We are an organisation run by disabled people for disabled people.

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