In Memoriam

Many people have had a great impact on Stay Safe East over the years. This page is dedicated to those we have lost.

In memory of G 1988-2019

The staff at Stay Safe East are grieving for G who died in early August aged 30. G came to Stay Safe East for help just over a year ago.

G had a difficult time for most of her life and her human rights were abused many times. She resisted, and fought to take control over her life. Along with her friends and the people who supported her, we loved G and appreciated her wonderful sense of humour and her deep belly laugh, her liking for Nando’s and Kiss FM, and the way she would keep people waiting… and waiting… for an answer to intrusive questions. In the end, G was not able to gain the control over her life she so craved but we hope she knew she was loved and that many people cared about her. She was a g ood person who never caused harm. We have been privileged to be able to support her and get to know her. Stay Safe East will never forget G in our fight for the rights of disabled women to be ourselves and to be safe.

Scan of a handwritten card with a drawing of a mug that reads "I like you. You make me happy."

A card made by G for her advocate at Stay Safe East.

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